Bauer Nitrox systems

BAUER offers outstanding solutions to meet your needs of Nitrox.
The BAUER Nitrox system generates Nitrox automatically, without
operator intervention, all needed is 
to specify the Oxygen ratio in
the blend.
Uncompromising safety is Bauer's top priority in the development of
Nitrox systems


Oxygen content of up to:  40%,       Delivery volumes of:  260-450 l/min


BAUER Paintbal solutions
For the paintball arenas, we offer a complete solution, to fill compressed air cylinders for 
paintball rifles.
⇒ A high pressure Compressor with a filling station and an air storage in between.
Using compressed air instead of other gases, will save you the paintball arena owners all the
expences and headaches concerning the supply of gases.



Explore BAUER's Paintball solution

PE 100 Compressor

Mobile compressor, 100 l/min

Three types available:

    Three phase electric engine / Single phase electric engine / 4 stroke petrol engine
Due to it's low weight and compact design, the PE-100 is very easy to transport.
Electrical driven PE-100 compressor weigh around 44 Kg


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Over 40 years of excellence in supplying high pressure compressors and purification systems for breathing air, industrial air and other gases.

Snapir Technologies is the leading supplier in Israel of high pressure solutions for any need.

Snapir Technologies ltd. is the official representative in Israel of :
-  Germany  
-  USA

Snapir Technologies provides compressors systems, maintenance services and technical consulting as of 1975.


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